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Month: January 2014

DoerDi Does… Blog #4 – January 27, 2014

Once again I’m at a lost for words of interest for this weeks blog. It’s been a busy week for thinking, planning and doing.I’ve been working on what to make for our Super Bowl party. I thought about chicken lollipops. They looked like a fun thing to serve, but after some research, I decided they were too time consuming.Now what? I need to look though my collection of cookbooks, my Pinterest page or some web surfing. Research done, I’m thinking about making Bacon Wrapped Smokies with brown sugar and butter, a baked Pepper Jack Cheese Dip, spaghetti casserole with garlic bread and a Sunshine punch (rum on the side as an additive) mmm. It could change, but at the moment this is what I’m settling on. In the meantime my son has been sick causing him to miss a week of school. He had one week of instruction before his finals. He had to catch up on missed work, do new homework and review for finals. Every time I think about his schoolwork my heat beat quickens. His response is, “it’s all under…

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DoerDi Does… Blog #3 – January 20, 2014

I want to keep up with this challenge but what could I write about. . . .  thinking, thinking. . . .  and thinking some more. Now what? I guess it doesn’t really matter what I blog, especially since the only person who may read this would be Missy – the one who got me into this mess (I mean challenge) in the first place. I could report on another book I’ve started, but it’s only been a week and I haven’t made room to add another. Or, how about how I haven’t shared this blog with anyone, ok I did share my first blog with Julie but no one else. I have the option to send a tweet or a Facebook link for this blog to get traffic. . . . but I’m too embarrassed to put myself out there. DoerDi Does might accidentally come across someone’s eyes. They may or may not scan the contents, and that’s okay.  Most likely they won’t so my blogging is mostly for my benefit. Hmmm…. what do I want to…

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DoerDi does . . . Blog # 2 – January 13, 2014

. I have been reading some other blogs and recently read someone’s challenge for the year 2013. Their challenge was to read 50 books over the course of the year That had me thinking, What a great challenge. Then I started wondering about myself, how many books did read last year? I have no idea! How many will I read this year? I never thought about the actual number of books I’ve read or am capable of reading. So, I’m going to, do my best to, track how many books I finish during 2014. Sounds like a challeng to better myself. You might be asking, why does it matter? In the greater scheme of things I guess it doesn’t, does it? I’m thinking, not really, other than now I’m curious.  I tell people I read a lot, but how do I quantify that?  I have a friend who says she reads a lot. And she does! I loaned her a box of books (I think there had to be at least 25 books) She returned…

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DoerDi Does . . . Blog #1 – January 6, 2014

          It’s the start of a new year and the start of new challenges. There’s the usual, eat less, move more and a host of things to help change our life for the better. I want to do more and do less all at the same time. Meaning, work towards contentment and reduce the amount of strife and stress.   Change is the one thing everyone is capable of doing. Therefore, I’m striving to make good choices and have a positive attitude and to always looking for the rainbow in everyday life, even if it’s a bad day or a bad moment.     Last year I started my first novel. I expect to have my first draft completed by year end and hopefully my final draft… Now, let me veer a little here;    I wrote that previous sentence with such ease and confidence. An ease that has not always been there, confidence? Well I’m still working on that. I’ve harbored the dream of writing a book someday for a…

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