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DoerDi Does . . . Blog #1 – January 6, 2014






It’s the start of a new year and the start of new challenges. There’s the usual, eat less, move more and a host of things to help change our life for the better. I want to do more and do less all at the same time. Meaning, work towards contentment and reduce the amount of strife and stress.


Change is the one thing everyone is capable of doing. Therefore, I’m striving to make good choices and have a positive attitude and to always looking for the rainbow in everyday life, even if it’s a bad day or a bad moment.



Last year I started my first novel. I expect to have my first draft completed by year end and hopefully my final draft… Now, let me veer a little here;
 I wrote that previous sentence with such ease and confidence. An ease that has not always been there, confidence? Well I’m still working on that.
I’ve harbored the dream of writing a book someday for a very long time. But it was docked in a faraway place, so far that I had forgotten it existed. Then once upon a time while I perused the community classes I saw a Writer’s Workshop after seeing this listed class time and again, I finally signed up.
 I wrote, what turned out to be essays. Essays? I wanted a book story. I wasn’t sure what my problem was but I continued writing in the hopes that one of my stories would bridge over to a novel. Very few people knew I was taking a class and those who did, well I didn’t discuss it.  I was afraid of the response. So I continued to write in secret. Until one day I confessed to one of my friends.  
Instead of the expected reaction of an incredulous look or a laugh in your face I got genuine excitement. I gritted my teeth and shared my stories with someone who was interested with complete enthusiasm. Finally with the help of my teacher and other students I was able to stretch a story essay into the start of a book. Again I shared this story with my friend, Julie, Her opinions felt true and honest I continued with my story in class and with my friend. She is my greatest cheerleader. Even with her praise and enthusiasm, I continued to keep my writing class, mostly a secret. I wasn’t able to admit my dream to myself, the desire to write a book and have it published. Then one day while sharing my story pages with Julie in Starbucks, she struck up a conversation with a stranger and told this anonymous person that I was working on my novel! I remember the heat rising in my cheeks feeling embarrassed that my friend said what I was unable to voice. From then on little by little, page by page, I began to believe it was possible.
Julie proudly told people, friends and strangers. She is more confident in my abilities than I am. She is always there giving support with helping to keep my story details in check. With gentle pushes and nudges she keeps moving me forward especially when self-doubt swims all around me.
I have now told more people, but not too many, that I’m writing a book. I have excitement and support coming in from different directions and now I feel like I have to finish my story.
So, where was I before I took that side road? Oh, yes, the whole purpose of this blog and the reason for starting this, which is the result of a conversation I had with my friend and writing buddy, who I met in class. ( We have committed ourselves to meeting once a week to encourage and help one another outside of class.
One thing led to another in a conversation when I mentioned that I wanted to  improve my writing.  Practice, Practice, practice is what makes us better. Missy is an aspiring author, she is vibrant, filled with energy and high hopes. If you are reading this, she is the one to thank.


She suggested we start a weekly blog starting on the first Monday of January 2014. -one week from today- conception to our first deadline. Frankly, I have my doubts, but this where I look back to my earlier words; …change life for the better.  …do more and …work towards contentment and reduce the amount of strife and stress.  This does not feel like less stress, but it does feel like change. Change is not always easy so here I am knee deep in words on a new road, a bumpy road.

I’m sitting here at a proverbial stop light that is big and red, waiting for it to change, don’t look back I whisper to myself, just move forward. I feel a thick overcoat of weight hugging my body, everywhere. I have to figure out which way to go, left, right or forward. I’ve packed my bag; I look around, which way to Blogtown? I’m hoping the trip is easier then writing this blurb.
Now that I’m done, I think this writing task, may be the easiest part of this adventure. 
I hope everyone has a great year by making changes for the better. Remember to look for the rainbow.
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