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DoerDi does . . . Blog # 2 – January 13, 2014

I have been reading some other blogs and recently read someone’s challenge for the year 2013. Their challenge was to read 50 books over the course of the year That had me thinking, What a great challenge. Then I started wondering about myself, how many books did read last year?
I have no idea! How many will I read this year? I never thought about the actual number of books I’ve read or am capable of reading. So, I’m going to, do my best to, track how many books I finish during 2014. Sounds like a challeng to better myself.
You might be asking, why does it matter? In the greater scheme of things I guess it doesn’t, does it? I’m thinking, not really, other than now I’m curious.  I tell people I read a lot, but how do I quantify that?
 I have a friend who says she reads a lot. And she does! I loaned her a box of books (I think there had to be at least 25 books) She returned the books after about two months, maybe sooner. Wow- That, I thought was awesome. There is no way I could have accomplished that. Frankly, I’m envious. I’m happy that she can do what she loves.
I read as often as I can, which isn’t nearly enough as far as I’m concerned. I recently decided that I need to read different genres and ‘feel’ how other authors hook you into caring about the characters and their journey.  I’ve turned to listening to audio books as well, I can’t read while I drive, but I can listen! I loved that I can “read” at leaast two books at once. I wonder how many books I will finish while doing my; be a mom, housewife, writer, crafter, sister, daughter, friend and everything in between to keep things moving forward.
Reading Inventory:
Dear John by Nicholas Sparks – Finished! – 01/09/14
Lost Saints of Tennesse by Amy Franklin-Willis
The Plot Whisperer by Martha AIderson – This is when I’m able to, or need help.
The Unsuspecting Mage: Book One of the Morcyth Saga by Brian S. Pratt – Finished! – 01/12/14  – free download – (for now)
The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks
Dreaming of Anastasia by Joy Preble
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