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DoerDi Does… Blog #3 – January 20, 2014

Think Clip Art
I want to keep up with this challenge but what could I write about. . . .  thinking, thinking. . . .  and thinking some more.
Now what?
I guess it doesn’t really matter what I blog, especially since the only person who may read this would be Missy – the one who got me into this mess (I mean challenge) in the first place.
I could report on another book I’ve started, but it’s only been a week and I haven’t made room to add another.
Or, how about how I haven’t shared this blog with anyone, ok I did share my first blog with Julie but no one else. I have the option to send a tweet or a Facebook link for this blog to get traffic.
. . . but I’m too embarrassed to put myself out there. DoerDi Does might accidentally come across someone’s eyes. They may or may not scan the contents, and that’s okay.  Most likely they won’t so my blogging is mostly for my benefit.
Hmmm…. what do I want to have resting in this space for a very long time? It can’t be something I’ll be ashamed of because I may just achieve my dream of becoming a published author!….. A side note her to convey a bit of frustration from this “Blogger” site. I’m trying to figure out how to add blogs, which I seem to do. Then add links and pictures, save my drafts until I’m ready to publish after I have “polished” my words. Boom! I publish it and it looks nice and pretty and a smile stretches across my face. I feel proud, I’m keeping up by publishing my blog each week thus far.  Then it’s time to start another blog only to come back to my space and find my latest blog and “polished” revisions are gone and a draft waiting to be published. I’m frustrated because I’ve no clue what is happening and why. Big, big frowny sad face 🙁  So this  blog is probably missing some words I wanted to share, but they are lost and I’m not in the mood to locate them, I have another blog waiting….. Have a good day 🙂

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