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DoerDi Does… Blog #4 – January 27, 2014

Once again I’m at a lost for words of interest for this weeks blog.

It’s been a busy week for thinking, planning and doing.I’ve been working on what to make for our Super Bowl party. I thought about chicken lollipops. They looked like a fun thing to serve, but after some research, I decided they were too time consuming.Now what? I need to look though my collection of cookbooks, my Pinterest page or some web surfing.

Research done, I’m thinking about making Bacon Wrapped Smokies with brown sugar and butter, a baked Pepper Jack Cheese Dip, spaghetti casserole with garlic bread and a Sunshine punch (rum on the side as an additive) mmm. It could change, but at the moment this is what I’m settling on.

In the meantime my son has been sick causing him to miss a week of school. He had one week of instruction before his finals. He had to catch up on missed work, do new homework and review for finals. Every time I think about his schoolwork my heat beat quickens. His response is, “it’s all under control.” I have less confidence then he does. I’ve seen his grades! I will be glad when the semester is over. I Just hope his grades are decent.


I’ve been working on gathering stuff for tax time. Part of this includes scanning my receipts into a program which helps to gather totals. I tried to consistently scan my paperwork at least once a week.When that didn’t work I tried for every other week, then once a month then eventually whenever I could. Now I have a huge pile of paper to get through, now!
On a fun note, my friend is workingon a spa vacation for some us girls. I think this may become an annual event for us. I’m so excited. Last year was such a fun relaxing time. I felt like all my worries disappeared. The time we spent at the resort was all about taking care of ourselves. Spa treatments, good food, friends, floating in a geyser filled pool. Absolute heaven.
What more can I say? Well, … not much.
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