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DoerDi Does… Blog #5 – February 4, 2014

how to fake an immaculate house Today I’m looking for cleaning charts to help me clean better and not spend all day cleaning or in my case, easily side tracked. Side tracked usually means no chores done. I came across this site and thought I could maybe do this. So I’m sharing, maybe it will help you too.

I also wanted a chart that the I cof-cleaning-how-to-have-fake.htmlat do you want me to do?” We’ve been trying to teach them to ask us for a chore or something before they get to goof off. Most times my brain seems to busy to think. With a chart I could quickly locate a chore that can be done. The kids might not like it, but I will. I think when the kids ask, they are srcretly hoping I wont think of anything.

Also this week I’ve been working on my novel. Class has been in session and I need to have somthing to share. I’ve have written but it needs to be cleaned pu. So I’ve been trying to edit. Which rminds me that I need to read and critique anothers story pages. Maybe it’s a procastination thing. But I’m still reading how to write a good story
today is monday, post my blog day. I cant seem to get to my computer to do what i need.
I’m at this moment sitting at an investment seminar luncheon.  Lunch was not so good either.  The chicken wad dry and tasteless.  The head of the investment company is passionate buy eighty percent of the information comimg from his excitable brain can not be processed by my brain. But the forecast looks good they expect a bull market.
I’m wondering how I can skip out of here. I have homework for writing class which includes editing my current work and reading and critiquing another’s.  At least it’s only one.
i did have some  time before coming here but I spent close to an hour trying to rewrite a paragraph to convey the right meaning. i wanted to read my writing, my a few changes and be done with ten pages.
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