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DoerDi Does . . . Blog #8 – February 24, 2014

Again I’m uninspired and too busy to think about blogging. But I made myself a goal and I can’t quit after only two months. So here is my next blog….
I guess you’re waiting for something, I’m drawing a complete blank. Let’s see what kind of week I’ve had. I’ve finished my taxes using TurboTax but I haven’t filed yet because I need to make sure I have all the updates and I want to make sure I don’t have paperwork that might trickle in. I’m happy that I won’t be in the hole this year. Yay!!

I continue to work on my book. I’ve edited some pages I wrote during NaNoWriMo. I continue to research the best way to write better sentences.

I did write a scene that has been rolling around in my head for the last couple of weeks. It just flowed. I know I want to use the scene I haven’t’ figured out where I want the scene to be placed. I’m not too worried but I know it will fall into place.

Curiosity had me wondering how many words I wrote, I finally took the time to get the count, 1,589 words!! Way more than I thought. I’m really looking forward to integrating this scene in just the right place.

Now to start thinking about the next blog…

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