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Month: December 2014

DoerDi Does… Read over 50 books in a year challenge – December 31, 2014

In a post I wrote last year I declared some resolutions. Once such challenge was sparked by someone’s else’s. The challenge was to read 50 books over the course of the year. I accepted and completed this goal. Here is my list of completed books; [X] Story by Robert McKee 12-31-14 [X] Killer Pancakes #5 by Diane Mott Davidson 12-27-14 [ X] Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanovich – 12-4-14 [X] Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich 11/19/14 [X] The Last Supper #4 by Diane Mott Davidson 11/12/14 [X] Cereal Murders #3 by Diane Mott Davidson- 10/28/14 [X] Dying for Chocolate by #2 Diane Mott Davidson 10/08/14 [X] Catering to No One #1 by Diane Mott Davidson 9-23-14 [X] A Busy Writer’s Guide – Mastering Showing and Telling in your Fiction my Marcy Kennedy 10-04-14 [X] When Every Month is NaNoWriMo by Larry Brooks 9-30-14 [X] Write your Novel From the Middle by James Scott Bell 9-21-14 [X] Show Don’t Tell by Robyn Opie 9-20-14 [X] A Rule of Queens (Book #13 in the Sorcerer’s Ring) by…

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