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When do you find time to write?

Time to write… but for how long?

When do I find time to write? Anytime when my brain isn’t on shut down mode! Meaning not to tired to think ūüôā

So I would call myself a “sneak it in” whenever I can, writer. I would love to say I have a routine like the advice given in blogs and books.

Life is always calling. The clock is always ticking. I wish I had the luxury of having three hours of writing each day would be a luxury. I would write, then take a break for a snack, whether it’s breakfast or lunch. Do some social media and don’t forget to set a timer! We all know how cyberspace can suck us in. Then, get back to that writing goal.

My time is never my own. I can sit down at my computer eager to write. So many things in my head and now I’m finally ready. “Crap! Only hours ago brilliance was running rapid in my head.” My fingers are poised ready to type and I have nothing -my brilliant words ran away with the wind. Now what? It seems it doesn’t matter because the door bell rings: do I want solar panels? “Um, nooo. Didn’t you notice my roof? Well-lll, we already have them. I want to say sarcastically “thank you for the interruption.” Instead I talk politely and wish him a good day.

Back to the computer, fingers are again poised waiting for instructions. I rack my brain and start typing, anything would be good.¬†I’m hoping to find the right words…. the buzzer sounds; time to do laundry. When I walk back towards my computer and notice the ‘abused’ looking¬†kitchen. I’m a stay at home mom and housewife, I think I better act like it and clean the kitchen. I think I need to write about a kitchen fairy who pops in every few hours to clean any mess. Oh what a great idea! After unloading ¬†and loading ¬†the dishes,¬†I scrub the stove that I have ignored for days, wash the sink, ¬†sort through a pile of mail, wash the countertops, vacuum the linoleum floor (because using a dustpan and broom seem like too much work), ¬†since the vacuum is out might as well vacuum the other rooms. The kitchen is sparkling and it feels good. There’s that buzzer again, more laundry. I get back downstairs… what was I doing? Mail, bills, cleaning? No I need to empty the trash I set it in the middle of the floor so wouldn’t forget. I’m back in the house then see my brightly lit computer monitor. I think ‘I’ve done my housewife duty and now I can get back to writing. But first¬†I need to¬†put in a new trash bag. Ahh, time to get back to my computer I¬†sit, fingers poised and ready to type. I look at the time. My shoulders instantly slump, it’s time to pick up my son. Then the evening routine starts.

A few brilliant words come back to me. I rush to my computer type out what I can while the ground beef sizzles in the pan. I’m so happy that I have now netted 200 words!

By the time the house settles again my brain and body are to tired to move. I sit down with the family for a little TV viewing with my computer close…. just in case.

Finally the day is over I’m in bed ready to sleep. My brain won’t shut down, but I need to sleep. Sometimes I pick up my eReader and empty my mind of my world…. inspiration I remember part of¬† what I wanted to write, but I’m in bed…

The other night I didn’t let being in bed hinder my creativity for once. Everything I needed for my next scene wouldn’t leave my mind. I picked up my smart phone¬†from the nightstand, quietly I¬†unplug it (my husband is a light sleeper). I¬†fluffed up the covers to diffuse the light from my phone to keep the room as dark as possible. I sent an email to myself with eighteen hundred words for my next scene. I pressed¬† send, plugged in my phone and promptly fell asleep happy that I could sneak in some writing.

This is only one day. Some days I can write others net zero words. But I figure whatever  word count I can sneak in moves me forward and closer to finishing.

So this is what makes me a ‘sneak it in whenever I can’ writer.’ Maybe one day I will be able to set a routine and act like the professional writer’s I read about in blogs and books. Somethings are easy said then done!!

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