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Write A Novel, says my muse. Not now, I say

manuscript 20150407_160710I’m knee deep in writing. I’m almost done with the novel I’ve been writing for the past three years. In and amongst those years I spent one month (NaNoWriMo) writing a cozy mystery. I can’t edit or revise it until I finish my Women’s Fiction story— only two scenes left to write, then the draft will be done, woot, woot! I completed an outline and wrote part of the second novel in the cozy mystery series. But when I wasn’t looking I was inspired and outlined the third story for the series.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet agents and pitch my Women’s Fiction Novel. With reluctance (I wasn’t confident with my idea) I pitched the Cozy Mystery. Both stories were liked by the agents. I was then in a dilemma; write a series in one genre or a stand alone in a different genre; one book or many… Pick one and fly, but you can’t do both. One agent asked if I have other works for the Women’s Fiction genre. No, absolutely no other ideas. I decide to finish my current book, it’s been three years! It’s not going in a drawer, no way, no how. When the time is right I’ll have a completed novel to publish. Good plan; finish the stand alone, finish book one in the series then work on stories two and three and…

But then, about two a weeks ago, a muse bangs on the inside of my skull;

Knock knock. “I have a story.” Says the muse.

“Go away. I’m not ready. Besides, I told agents I don’t have another women’s fiction story in me.”

Knock, knock. The muse bangs again.

“Go away, I’m busy.” I say.

“But I have to tell you my story.” The muse insists.

“No, you don’t. Get out of my head and go away!” I beg.

“I do have a story. And I won’t leave until you listen.” The muse says not giving up.

“Fine.” I agree. Anything to get the muse to shut up. I listen and dang it! That’s a good story idea. “Maybe later. Now go away.”

Knock knock. “You know you can’t let me slip away.” The muse smirks.

“I know but I don’t have time. I have too many irons in the fire. But I’ll sketch out your story and eventually you can tell me how your story ends.”

“It’s a deal.” My muse says. “But I’m not going away.”

So, I roughly outline the new story. I look at the map, I see the starting line, a few rest stops along the way and the finish line. I’ll figure out what roads will lead me to each rests spot, points of interest and detours to the finish. I have time and if my muse comes knocking again I’ve started the journey. I have a map to add necessary stops before I start driving writing.

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