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It’s Been Awhile….

Blogging is… difficult to say the least. I need to make time, which would be easier if I knew what to share. What can I possibly write about that others want to hear? I don’t really know. So today I’m writing about what I’ve been doing lately.

I’ve recently published a new journal that will help people keep track of what their friends or family said. Anytime you hear “I wish” or “I want” take that tidbit and log it in the journal. When it’s time to shop, flip to the page with the recipient’s name and find a better gift with the clues you’ve gathered throughout the months.

I’ve also worked on a journal for school kids so they can journal about themselves and their friends during the year. They can get one each year. When they get older they will have a ‘diary’ of their school year.

I’m still trying to edit and revise my novel… it’s a lot of hard work. I’m always learning ways to make my story flow with ease.

Life has been filled with many other to do’s and challenges: New puppy, updating blog with a freebie, participate in a writing critique group, and, and, and…..

Until next time…. find your rainbow of happiness.



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