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Category: 2014

DoerDi Does . . . Blog #1 – January 6, 2014

          It’s the start of a new year and the start of new challenges. There’s the usual, eat less, move more and a host of things to help change our life for the better. I want to do more and do less all at the same time. Meaning, work towards contentment and reduce the amount of strife and stress.   Change is the one thing everyone is capable of doing. Therefore, I’m striving to make good choices and have a positive attitude and to always looking for the rainbow in everyday life, even if it’s a bad day or a bad moment.     Last year I started my first novel. I expect to have my first draft completed by year end and hopefully my final draft… Now, let me veer a little here;    I wrote that previous sentence with such ease and confidence. An ease that has not always been there, confidence? Well I’m still working on that. I’ve harbored the dream of writing a book someday for a…

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