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Category: A Writer’s Journey

Hospital Volunteers

  A Writer’s Journey… I’m almost done with my  Scent of a Husband novel. Yesterday I did research by going to a hospital. I had a few what if questions so I could get some facts right. I also wanted clarification on what hospital volunteers do and why they volunteer. First people volunteer for various reasons: 1. They want to work in the medical field. 2. Retired or Widowed and looking for something meaningful. 3. They received invaluable support while a love one was in the hospital. 4. They themselves were patients and appreciated the comfort tthey were given. 5. They want to give back to the community. I interviewed the President of the Hospital Auxiliary of Volunteers. After speaking with this gentleman, who willingly gave his time, I am now thinking I’d like to someday volunteer my time.     “I, Diana Lynn, believe that everyone deserves a rainbow and I inspire women to discover who they are.” “Like” Diana Lynn on Facebook

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