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It’s Been Awhile….

Blogging is… difficult to say the least. I need to make time, which would be easier if I knew what to share. What can I possibly write about that others want to hear? I don’t really know. So today I’m writing about what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve recently published a new journal that will help people keep track of what their friends or family said. Anytime you hear “I wish” or “I want” take that tidbit and log it in the journal. When it’s time to shop, flip to the page with the recipient’s name and find a better gift with the clues you’ve gathered throughout the months. I’ve also worked on a journal for school kids so they can journal about themselves and their friends during the year. They can get one each year. When they get older they will have a ‘diary’ of their school year. I’m still trying to edit and revise my novel… it’s a lot of hard work. I’m always learning ways to make my story flow with ease. Life has…

Improved Safety for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Below is a letter I wrote to my local town paper. I’m hoping others might see this and take the survey by going either link (Facebook or blog). Dear Editor of Castro Valley Forum, I’m writing this to help get the word out… It was recently brought to my attention that there is a group, BikeWalkCV, working to make improvements to Castro Valley by adding sidewalks and bike lanes. I visited them on Facebook and I found it interesting that there were only 128 likes. There could be more now as I invited my friends to “like” the page. I’m under the impression that not many of us here in Castro Valley are aware of the campaign being made to Nate Miley and the Alameda County Public Works. By visiting their blog or Facebook page citizens are urged to take a survey and voice our priorities for Castro Valley. I think it’s a shame that pedestrians have to walk in the street when no sidewalk is available. What’s worse is seeing someone pushing a stroller…

The Royals, Volume 1: Eddie

Reviewed The Royals, Volume 1: Eddie by Missy Kirtley Fun read. I really enjoyed the story. This was written by a friend of mine. Her concept was to use familiar stories told in new and intriguing ways. Check here for the ROYAL book link “I, Diana Lynn, believe everyone deserves a rainbow and I inspire women to discover who they are.” “Like” Diana Lynn on Facebook


I have tried to educate myself along my writing path. On my bibliography page are books and films that have given me inspiration. You can find my bibliography page here.

Diana Lynn Writes about upcoming resolutions…

Like Diana Lynn on FaceBook My Resolutions: Build a Platform Finish my work in progress SCENT OF A HUSBAND – A Contemporary Women’s Fiction Novel which shows a woman in transition.  Jenna Hadwick is a middle aged stay at home mom facing an empty nest. She’s feeling neglected, a secret from her past forces her to re-evaluate her life, then tragedy strikes.  Will her secret and the tragedy pull the family apart or closer together? Revise my SCENT OF A HUSBAND and continue towards getting it published. “I, Diana Lynn, believe that everyone deserves a rainbow and I inspire women to discover who they are.” “Like” Diana Lynn on Facebook