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Have a Good Reason to Keep a Journal

A Reason To Journal Think about the benefits of journaling and decide what your personal reason is for writing in a journal. This is often a personal decision, such as wanting to figure out why your anxiety or depression has increased, or wanting to express your feelings in a way where you feel safe and not judged. Decide what your reason is, and it will motivate you to keep writing. Click here to view a journal for your writing. This link is for a journal I published. It’s simple and easy to use to help you find something to write. However, there are many journals in the marketplace to choose from.

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Motivate Yourself to Journal Daily

Journal Daily Knowing why you should journal is just the beginning; you then need to motivate yourself to keep up with it. It’s generally recommended that you write in your journal every day, but at least doing it on a regular basis can be helpful. Come back here for more articles on easy ways to motivate yourself to keep journal writing. Click here to view a journal for your writing. This link is for a journal I published. It’s simple and easy to use to help you find something to write. However, there are many journals in the marketplace to choose from.

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Write A Novel, says my muse. Not now, I say

I’m knee deep in writing. I’m almost done with the novel I’ve been writing for the past three years. In and amongst those years I spent one month (NaNoWriMo) writing a cozy mystery. I can’t edit or revise it until I finish my Women’s Fiction story— only two scenes left to write, then the draft will be done, woot, woot! I completed an outline and wrote part of the second novel in the cozy mystery series. But when I wasn’t looking I was inspired and outlined the third story for the series. I’ve had the opportunity to meet agents and pitch my Women’s Fiction Novel. With reluctance (I wasn’t confident with my idea) I pitched the Cozy Mystery. Both stories were liked by the agents. I was then in a dilemma; write a series in one genre or a stand alone in a different genre; one book or many… Pick one and fly, but you can’t do both. One agent asked if I have other works for the Women’s Fiction genre. No, absolutely no other ideas. I decide to finish my…

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Writing is more than art, it’s a business!

Writing consists of many things. There is the creative side and the business side. I attended the SF Algonkian Write to Market Conference this November 12-15, 2015. Our group (and, now, new writing friends) were blessed by Michael Neff who was dedicated in teaching us to become commercially published. Ann Garvin was just as committed as Michael. Their enthusiasm motivated us to work harder and do better. They gave us honest and professional evaluations of our novel or work-in-progress, Learning the art of pitching your novel is the business of marketing. After three days of writing, practicing, writing and practicing some more, we (the students) pitched to agents. It was a positive experience for us all. I have interest from three agents for my Women’s Fiction Novel. And one agent (I only pitched to one) for my Cozy Mystery Novel series. Getting validation for ideas I’ve worked on for many, many hours has put me on cloud nine! Now I have to edit and polish my work and sell my writing and not just an…


Where Has My Energy Gone?

Where is my energy? I woke up this morning after an incredibly long sleep, about seven and a half hours. Funny thing is I expected a bright start to the day. I found I was tired and my back was sore, too much time lying down. I entered the shower and realized I don’t have any energy. I wondered, how this could this be, I slept more than my usual six. I’ve heard, a hundred plus times, from numerous people declaring they don’t have any get-up-and-go. I’d nod my head in understanding. The truth is, I didn’t fully understand, until now. The ability to identify the loss must happen when it’s gone, when something is missing. – I’ve lost it and I don’t know when it happened. Is it a factor of age, nutrition, exercise, mental fatigue? I’m in my fifties. I don’t exercise too much. I don’t take vitamins as often as I should. In my mind, I picture an ambitious self, in action and moving forward. I ‘m writing the end of my story, editing the one I…


Why We Love Awesome – What Workshops Can Teach You

Yesterday was the last session of the “For Theme’s Sake” workshop given by Mary and Teresa, awesome people. I cannot say enough about these two women. They cheer us, writer’s, with an enthusiasm that we all need. I love their willingness to teach authors and share their well of knowledge. I have had the pleasure of meeting other authors through this workshop and my critique group. We are all trying to find our best (writer) voice. It’s wonderful to kick around ideas and knowledge.  It’s a delight to be around people who have or are working towards a finished novel, it’s inspiring, educational and confident building.   I really enjoyed the workshop; the teachers, students and the content. I learned so much and am more confident as I aim to deliver a story that will keep my readers turning the page. Thank you Mary E. Knippel and Teresa LeYung-Ryan Please visit Teresa’s Blog: Writing Coach Teresa asks: “How do you hook your reader at the middle of your book?” “I, Diana Lynn, believe everyone deserves a rainbow…


Feeling Discouraged…. can I really do this?

  Over the weekend I went to a workshop with two wonderful editor’s, Mary Knipple and Teresa LeYung Ryan, great ladies and always positive. I printed out my manuscript for the workshop and what a thrill, to see it, as one, neatly stacked pile of paper. What wasn’t so thrilling was seeing how rough my manuscript is.  Then I was looking forward to editing this from the beginning. But…. I have to finish my ending (I’m still working on it). Why am I discouraged? I’m feeling overwhelmed with the knowledge that I don’t have enough knowledge. Will it come to me? Will it be too hard? Am I good enough? Then. I start thinking I should quit and wonder why I’m even trying. But… I so desperately want to finish my story and run through my draft and polish it with the knowledge I have. I will continue to educate myself and make edits to my draft. Why? Because I need to. I am thankful for my writing friends who gave me a much needed pep talk. “Every…


Bow and Arrow Pendant – Scent of a Husband

SCENT OF A HUSBAND “After a few minutes of fiddling with the lobster claw clasp Jenna finally secures the necklace, she gazes at her reflection. She reaches up and adjusts the sterling silver bow and arrow pendant embedded with pave diamonds. Tom gave this to her on their fifteenth  wedding anniversary. He said he must have been hit by one of Cupid’s arrows. It’s the only thing he could imagine happened to him when he rested he eyes on Jenna for the first time.”  

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When do you find time to write?

When do I find time to write? Anytime when my brain isn’t on shut down mode! Meaning not to tired to think 🙂 So I would call myself a “sneak it in” whenever I can, writer. I would love to say I have a routine like the advice given in blogs and books. Life is always calling. The clock is always ticking. I wish I had the luxury of having three hours of writing each day would be a luxury. I would write, then take a break for a snack, whether it’s breakfast or lunch. Do some social media and don’t forget to set a timer! We all know how cyberspace can suck us in. Then, get back to that writing goal. My time is never my own. I can sit down at my computer eager to write. So many things in my head and now I’m finally ready. “Crap! Only hours ago brilliance was running rapid in my head.” My fingers are poised ready to type and I have nothing -my brilliant words ran…

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Bow Stud Earrings – Scent of a Husband

SCENT OF A HUSBAND     “Jenna looks at her earring collection and rubs her naked earlobe. She sees one of her favorites, a gift from Blake and Logan, sterling silver bow stud earrings. Carefully with her new French tipped finger nails she pulls the earring back off the post then secures the stud in her ear.”    “I, Diana Lynn, believe that everyone deserves a rainbow and I inspire women to discover who they are.” “Like” Diana Lynn on Facebook

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