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Writing is more than art, it’s a business!

Writing consists of many things. There is the creative side and the business side. I attended the SF Algonkian Write to Market Conference this November 12-15, 2015. Our group (and, now, new writing friends) were blessed by Michael Neff who was dedicated in teaching us to become commercially published. Ann Garvin was just as committed as Michael. Their enthusiasm motivated us to work harder and do better. They gave us honest and professional evaluations of our novel or work-in-progress, Learning the art of pitching your novel is the business of marketing. After three days of writing, practicing, writing and practicing some more, we (the students) pitched to agents. It was a positive experience for us all. I have interest from three agents for my Women’s Fiction Novel. And one agent (I only pitched to one) for my Cozy Mystery Novel series. Getting validation for ideas I’ve worked on for many, many hours has put me on cloud nine! Now I have to edit and polish my work and sell my writing and not just an…