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Where Has My Energy Gone?

Where is my energy? I woke up this morning after an incredibly long sleep, about seven and a half hours. Funny thing is I expected a bright start to the day. I found I was tired and my back was sore, too much time lying down. I entered the shower and realized I don’t have any energy. I wondered, how this could this be, I slept more than my usual six. I’ve heard, a hundred plus times, from numerous people declaring they don’t have any get-up-and-go. I’d nod my head in understanding. The truth is, I didn’t fully understand, until now. The ability to identify the loss must happen when it’s gone, when something is missing. – I’ve lost it and I don’t know when it happened. Is it a factor of age, nutrition, exercise, mental fatigue? I’m in my fifties. I don’t exercise too much. I don’t take vitamins as often as I should. In my mind, I picture an ambitious self, in action and moving forward. I ‘m writing the end of my story, editing the one I…


Am I a published author?

  I’m excited! Can you tell? I had to post a picture of the articles. My letter to the editor was published in our local paper, The Castro Valley Forum and the Daily Review. Can I call myself a published author or maybe a writer? When do we become our dream? I’ve written a children’s book, Wicky Wicky Woo Woo, but it has not been published, neither has my contemporary women’s fiction novel, Scent of a Husband. I have written… so I can call myself a writer, but I’m not published unless I count these two articles. Many would call themselves “published” when their letters are printed in an official publication. I’m not sure if I think of myself as published since it’s a letter to an editor and not an article. Anyone in cyber- land have an opinion?   “I, Diana Lynn, believe that everyone deserves a rainbow and I inspire women to discover who they are.” “Like” Diana Lynn on Facebook

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